February Favourites

header 2I love February because it’s a short and sweet month, with an excuse to wear pink and red and decorate things with love-hearts. Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is getting just a little bit warmer. The are many reasons I love February… and many things I’ve been loving this February…

IMG_1285 2

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing nicer then a bunch of fresh cut flowers on the table. I’m really enjoying the subtle smell and bright colours of these tulips… and so does Captain the Kitten.





Bath & Body Works CandlesIMG_1291

I couldn’t buy these from the Bath & Body works site because with shipping regulations they don’t ship to the UK. I had almost given up on the idea of trying these when I found an ebay seller in the UK that imports them. The cost £18.99 each and postage is free! My favourites so far are Espresso and Happy which smells like Spring should.

IMG_1294Jewellery Organiser

I bought this tray as part of my dressing table/make-up storage spring clean. I love how easily I can see all my earrings, I especially love the bigger section which fits my sunglasses perfectly. The great thing about this tray is you can take out the dividers and move them around.



I love sunglasses, which is why I used the sun coming out while on a recent trip to Camden as an excuse to buy not one but two new pairs. I loved these over-sized glasses and couldn’t decide which colour I liked more, so since they were only £5 I bought both!




IMG_1295Pink and Red Polish

The only colours I’ve been wearing on my nails this month are pink and red. My favourite nail polishes in general at the moment are anything by Essie. This month my favourites have been Fiji, Lovie Dovie and Aperitif. I used Lovie Dovie and Aperitif for my Valentine heart manicure.




Pink and Red lipsIMG_1286

Any excuse for pink and red right? Which is why I’ve been loving my new Mac lipsticks purchased in Stansted Airport duty free on my way home at Christmas. I had never tried Mac lipsticks before, but had heard lots of good thins about them; and at half the retail price how could I resist buying one… or three. I bought Angel, Pretty Please and Relentlessly Red; my favourite of which has to be Angel, its the perfect nude pink.

IMG_1288Dark Lips

If I’m not wearing pink and red I’ve been wearing this Avon Matte lipstick in Matte Grape. I think the matte finish makes the dark colour less intense. I love the plum colour, its a colour I have been wearing a lot over the winter.