headerAbout 6 months ago I decided to become a vegetarian after watching a documentary called Earthlings. Since then my relationship with food has changed, as has my appetite. Here’s a little about what I eat day to day and how I’m getting ready for the shorts and bikinis that wait around the corner with the Summer months.

What I’m Reading…

Before making the decision to become vegetarian I had done some reading into the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. My biggest inspiration was following the journey of Annie Jaffrey when she went fully raw one year ago. From watching her videos I also found Freelee the Banana Girl and Fully Raw Kristina. It was from my interest of plant based living that I stumbled on Earthlings thinking it was about Earth’s natural foods… it was not. People ask me if I miss meat, but I can promise you after watching that documentary I will never look at a piece of meat as just that; I will see it as what it once was, a living being.

IMAG1346Even though I’m not vegan I have adopted a Raw-til-4 lifestyle on the most part, eating high carb, low fat, as much raw as I can. The best book that I read so far was The Raw Food Detox. It’s a great book to introduce the concepts of high carb, plant based eating and food combining. It is also has a transition guide for if you plan to go fully raw and a section with loads of recipe ideas.

IMAG1347Recently I’ve been reading 80/10/10 which is not as light a read as The Raw Food Detox, but much more interesting. The book goes in depth into the biology of how our bodies are designed to eat raw, plant based, high carb foods. It  also has a section of recipe ideas and is a recommended read if you are seriously considering a high carb lifestyle.

IMAG1348For Christmas my sister got me this beautiful veggie recipe book. It put together beautifully with amazing pictures. The best part is its organised by season so you can plan your meals around which fruits and veggies are in season.

Say Boo!

IMAG1349As prep for the Summer months I have decided to do a teatox. It seems t be the new it thing with all the celebrities and instagram fitness gurus so I figured why not. I started the BooTea teatox last week, after reading many good reviews. There is a day tea which you drink every morning for 2 weeks and a night tea which you drink every other day before bed. I have to say after only week I feel less bloated, I’ve been sleeping better and had less junk-food cravings!

Eating Intuitively

I think the best part about eating high carb is that you feed your body with foods it craves, giving it energy in a form it can easily digest. I’ve learned to listen to my body and feed my appetite, not worrying about calorie counting or the so called food demon of carbs. I eat pasta, rice and potatoes piled high until I’m full and satisfied. I’m not saying I’m a saint, over the holidays I overindulged the same as most people, but I am looking forward to the Summer fruits when the fruits in London taste better!

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