New Dish of the Week

headerIt’s been awhile since a shared a veggie meal recipe so I decided to get creative this week and put a vegetarian twist on Enchiladas! It’s so simple to make; a warm comfort food that is great on a chilly Spring evening.IMAG1577


  • 1 bag Uncle Ben’s boil in the bag wholegrain rice
  • half a punnet of mushrooms
  • 1 bag of sliced/chopped mixed bell peppers
  • 1 can of mixed beans
  • 1 jar enchilada sauce
  • mixed spices for seasoning
  • 4 tortilla wraps
  • grated cheese
  • tortilla chips
  • 1 jar salsa

(serves 4)

1. Boil the rice (10 mins). Empty into a large pan or bowl. Add in chopped mushrooms, peppers, the whole can of mixed beans and the seasoning. Mixed well.

IMAG1580 IMAG1581 IMAG1585 IMAG1586

2. Wrap 4 tortilla wraps in foil and heat in the oven (180’C) for 8 minutes to soften. Remove from the oven and unwrap. Share the rice mixture between the 4 wraps by spooning into the centre of each wrap. Fold in the ends of each wrap and roll to close. IMAG1587

3. Place each roll, closed side down, in a deep baking dish lined with foil. Pour the enchilada sauce on top and spread evenly over the 4 wraps using a wooden spoon. Sprinkle a generous heaping of grated cheese of the top and bake in an oven (200’C) for 20 minutes until browned. Serve with Nachos and salsa!

IMAG1588 IMAG1589 IMAG1590 IMAG1593 IMAG1591