As a big sister twice, I have tried my best to be a good roll model for my younger sisters. However it has surprised me how inspiring they have become to me as they become strong individuals, following their dreams and fighting to achieve what they want. Lucie has always been so dedicated to her studies and her passion for what she does makes me step back and evaluate how much passion I put into my work.
My baby sister has surprised me the most, no longer a baby she has went through one of the toughest years of her life so far in the past 12 months and has stood up at the end of it with such grace and humility hoping to help and inspire other young girls who have are in the same situation as her. Her bravery makes me wish I was braver, her courage gives me courage. Check out her recent blog post where she bears her sole and talks openly about her eating disorder.


“Life made us sisters, love made us friends”