Love My Body Challenge!

Love your body challengeRecently I have been reading The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas N. Graham and The Raw Food Diet by Natalia Rose; these books both boast the benefits of living a fully raw lifestyle, for optimum health and vitality. I am coming up one year as a vegetarian and have become increasingly interested in the lifestyles of the food gurus that I follow, such as Freelee the Banana girl, Annie Jaffrey, and Fully Raw Kristina as well as all the wonderful raw vegan Instagram accounts that I adore (@rawincollege @rawtillfour @simonbes_rawsome_creations @brusselsvegan to list a few of my favourites).These gurus are all either living and eating a fully raw or ‘raw til 4’ lifestyle; as the weather heats up here in London and Summer draws near I am curious about how sustainable this lifestyle is. For someone living in a metropolitan area, such as London, where fresh produce is not so easily on hand, is it sustainable or even possible to live fully raw?

I was thinking about challenging myself to undertake this task for a few weeks now, so when Fully Raw Kristina launched her Love My Body Challenge (click on the picture above for more information and to sign up) I jumped at the opportunity! Her challenge is too eat at least 1 fully raw meal a day for 14 days, starting today, the 8th of June until the first day of Summer on the 22nd of June. She encourages you to eat as raw as you can, and that’s what I am going to attempt to do; 14 days, fully raw! Follow me here and on my Instagram and Snapchat (smileyfacelaura) as I take this challenge and investigate how it is to live Fully Raw in London!

At the same time as I undertake this challenge, my other half is doing the complete opposite, a high protein diet. It will be interesting to see how we get on, on our contrasting journeys. We look forward to sharing our progress, up and downs, good days and bad days, with you!

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All photos sourced from Instagram accounts listed above.