Day 2 Love My Body Challenge

Day 2 and I am beginning to understand the enormity of the challenge I have taken on. I went from Vegetarian to fully raw vegan over night, if I hadn’t committed to this challenge I probably would have caved today and eaten something cooked. While I am still satisfied with what I ate today and feeling good, in the long term I find it difficult to imagine how living fully raw on a small budget is sustainable, I have eaten a lot in the last two days alone. Without a staple food such as potato, rice or gluten free pasta, you have to eat a lot of raw to feel full where your staple food would fill you with a smaller amount. Also to be honest I feel a little bit deprived, I want something warm and comforting and raw can’t give that to me. I originally considered do raw till 4 vegan for the challenge, and I am regretting the decision to take on fully raw. Is it too late to take it back?


Part of tonight’s dinner, a hue bowl of salad with mixed leaves, kale, broccoli, pecans, sesame seed and tomato.