Raw ’til 4 on day 4!

It’s day four and I’m turning raw ’til four! You may be thinking that I am backing down from the challenge I set myself but to be honest I have no guilt about this decision. I love food and one of the best parts about becoming vegetarian for me was being able to eat carbs until I was satisfied and I enjoyed food so much. I am enjoying eating vegan and the challenge that comes with being creative about preparing meals, however I was not happy eating fully raw. After dinner I felt a little empty and unhappy and I didn’t see the point of condoning myself to that for 14 days. I am continuing the challenge, which is all about self love, by eating high carb, low fat, raw ’til 4 vegan. I am listening to my body and eating to fuel myself with food that will love me back.

IMG_3099 IMG_3096 IMG_3098 IMG_3097

Tonight’s dinner: no-fry stir-fry with wholemeal and black rice. The salad bowl is chopped red onion, mushroom, carrots, red pepper and a sprinkle of lettuce.