Day 9 Dreamtime

It’s day nine, and this is the first day in the challenge that I have felt tired. However the tiredness I felt today is different to the tiredness I normally feel on a day to day basis. I have had weeks where day after day I fall asleep on the couch at six in the evening after barely managing to stay awake through the rest of the day. Normally I associate tiredness with low energy levels and that also leads to low motivation to do what I need to do. However the tiredness I felt today was a natural tiredness, probably brought on from a combination of the intense yoga session and late night blogging that I did yesterday. My muscles have that satisfying ache of being worked well and even though I have felt sleepy all day I have still had an abundance of energy to get through the day at work, go grocery shopping when I got home, bake a batch of vegan cookies, prep dinner and do an hour of yoga practice. It is currently half nine and, even though I could sleep if I went to bed, I feel motivated to get more work done before I call a close to day nine.


Banana, Peanut, Pecan and Raisin cookies. Gluten and dairy free with no added sugar. Click on the image for the recipe.

Tiredness has been something that I’ve struggled with since college, I believed that I had low iron levels as in the past when I had my blood tested it has always come back on the borderline of anaemia but never low enough for a doctor to prescribe anything.  Now I am beginning to believe that that low energy has really been connected to what and how I eat. Even though I’ve been vegetarian for nearly a year now, this has been the first time that I have completely cut out processed foods, as well as coffee, salt and sugar. There has been that natural urge to brew a cup of coffee when I wake but after my smoothie or a cup of lemon tea I feel just as, if not more, awake and refreshed as I would with coffee. Cutting out salt has been even harder but it has paid off; I don’t wake up at night with dry mouth any more and the bags under my eyes have dramatically reduce, many people have even commented on how good my skin looks at the moment. I am really starting to reap the benefits of a raw ’til 4 vegan lifestyle!

up dog

Upward Dog practice on the heath, Blackheath.