New Dish of the Week

This week I’ve been craving spicy foods, so today’s dish has a little kick if spice and a Moroccan twist.

To start with I put some water to boil, when it was ready I added 2 cups of penne pasta and boiled for 10 minutes. Next I chopped half a punnet of cherry tomatoes, half a bell pepper, half a red onion, one birds eye chilli and one clove of garlic. I cooked these in a pan on low heat, with a small lid over them to help steam them. When they were slightly softened I added some organic passata, a teaspoon of harissa paste and a teaspoon of tangine paste; I stirred these up, brought to the boil and left simmer for a few minutes. Finally I added the penne and topped with some toasted sesame seeds.

I served with a side of vegan naan bread and avocado hummus to balance the heat of the pasta!