Vegan Cherry Coconut Cookies

These cookies were so tasty and simple to make. The perfect treat after dinner or with a cup of tea, I love mine with Jasmine Green Tea.


Just out of the oven, these smelled so good, like a warm tropical island.

First I ground up two cups of coconut chips into a fine powder and combined in a bowl with 2 cups of gluten free oats and 2 tbsp coconut sugar. For the wet ingredients I blended up 1 frozen banana with half a punnet of fresh, de stoned, cherries and a tbsp vanilla essence. I mixed the wet ingredients into the bowl and added a few fresh cherry chunks; I really liked this mixture as it was a purple-pink colour before baked. Next I scoop the mixture out using two table spoons, on a lined baking tray, the mixture made 10 big cookies. I then baked these in an oven at 175’C for 30mins until golden brown. Finally, I left them to cool on the tray before devouring!


Coconut dreams, perfect cookies for Summer.