Wonderful Wanders: Thames Walk Part 2

I’m really excited to share part 2 of my Thames walk photographs. This was such a perfectly beautiful day to walk along the river Thames and take in some of the major landmarks of London. I love the contrast that you meet at Waterloo Pier; on one side of the river you are met by the modern mark of the millennium, the London Eye, and on the opposite side you are graced by the architectural beauty of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Some streets in London still hold so much of their character, that for a moment you are taken back in time, yet in a flash you are brought back to the present; the old continuously meets the new in a perfect harmony of past and present.



Another reason I love London is that even though it is a highly populated, heavily built up city, there is no shortage of green. Small parks and squares protect and showcase trees that are as old as some of the buildings around them; little escapes are dotted around the city where you can hide away when it all gets too much and pretend for a minute you are somewhere else.





It never ceases to surprise me how friendly people can be. Before I moved to London I had an image in my head of it being a city that hardens you. However while there are the stone faced few, who don’t see you as you walk by, London is not a city of cold people, there are always smiling faces and friendly people from all parts of the world. I believe that being a Londoner is about being part of a community with more multicultural diversity than any other place in the world. We all have our own story and goals and this city brings so many of us together.




I fall in love with London every time I take the time to step back and look at it. This city is an experience that keeps giving, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work and live here; whatever my future holds, London will play a part in shaping it just as it has shaped the person I have become since moving here.