Lunch at Giraffe, The Veggie Options.

When I first went vegetarian last August (nearly one year ago now), my first thought was that I would no longer be able to enjoy eating out, or that I would be limited to what I could eat and where I could eat it. However over the last few months I have come to realise that that’s not true; there are so many restaurants with tasty, non-salad, vegetarian options.

Somewhere that I recently ate in, and was pleasantly surprised with, was Giraffe. I hadn’t eaten in Giraffe since I became vegetarian, so I was really happy when I re-read their menu and realised how many veggie options they have. It’s really nice to have choice, and Giraffe has plenty of choice for veggies! I think that this would be a perfect place to eat out with your meat-eating friends, as I recently did myself as well as with  my boyfriend; everyone came away from the table full, satisfied and without over spending.

Here’s what I had for lunch out with my boyfriend recently…


Bruschetta “Bites”  Sharing Board

Harissa Hummus



Main Course

Falafel Deluxe Burger with Sweet Potatoes Fries



Fresh Lemonade with Mint


For to find your nearest Giraffe and to read the full menu visit their website.