Welcome to Paradise

I’m really excited to share with you, in a series of post over the next few weeks, my photographs and travel diary from my trip to Sardegna this Summer. I flew from London on the 21st July, and as I write this post I am still here, enjoying the sunshine and heat! I will be travelling home on the 11th on August, which means I will have spent 20 days in total here in this little Mediterranean paradise; which means by the end of the trip will have lots of photographs and experiences to share with you. I thought I would start with something and thought provoking, a photograph of the sunset I watched on my first evening here. This photograph was taken in Porto Corallo, close to where I am staying. We (my boyfriend and I) spent our first evening here, sitting on the beach, still pretty jet lagged, watching the waves roll in and the sun go down. When you live in the metropolitan craziness that is London, you appreciate the simple beauty of a clear sky at sunset; no traffic noises, no sirens, no trains. I loved the colour of the sky this evening, a soft blend of pastel blues, lilacs and pinks. I love how in this photograph you can barely make out the horizon line; the sky and sea almost blend perfectly together. Happiness and peace come from the simple things in life, sometimes you just have to allow yourself the time to step back and take it all in.

Sunset at Porto Corallo