My Italian Food Mood Board

As I write this I am half way through my holiday here in Sardegna, by the time you read it I’ll be getting ready for my journey home to London. So, I thought it appropriate to take a moment to celebrate the gift that is Italian food! One of the things that I was most excited about when getting ready to come to Sardegna was the idea of all the amazing food I was going to eat, the fruit, vegetables, sauces, and sweets taste so much better here than anywhere else I have travelled; Italians know how to do food, you have to give them that. You haven’t tasted a tomato until you’ve eaten an Italian tomato, and you don’t know what pizza really is until you’ve tried the true Italian pizza. So please, sit back and take a moment to drool with envy at this small collection of food photographs; Buon Appetito!

Food Mood b 1Food Mood b 2