Wonderful Wanders: Exploring Cagliari Part 1

wwlogo 3As previously promised in my recent outfit of the day post, here are some photos of the beautiful old city of Cagliari. I loved exploring this city, it was a constant up hill climb, but the view of the sunset at the top was worth it. I had so many pictures from this day, I decided to break this post into two parts. IMG_4454


Along the way from San Vito to Cagliari we made some stops along the way to appreciate the crystal clear waters of the coast line of Sardegna. In all the places I have visited so far, no where compares to Sardegna for the clarity and colour of the water.


Finally we arrived in Cagliari; where we were met by a modern marina fronted with coffee bars, jewellers and shops. However, if you really want to experience Cagliari you have to walk beyond the new city, up a steep climb to the walls and gates of the old city. Cagliari is a popular cruise ship port in the Mediterranean, so don’t be surprised by the amount of tourists with cameras flooding the streets, however the further you clear, the the more the tourists thin out.  IMG_4518


Of course I had to get a slice of pizza to fuel my climb to the top, and because when in Italy, eat pizza!

What I loved about Cagliari was the narrow cobbled streets with beautiful buildings on either side; they were painted in beautiful pastel colours, decorated with iron balconies, window boxes over flowing with flowers and white plastering.



Only halfway to the walls of the old city, we were met with this view of the port and the city. I thought that this was where our stroll would end, and I was getting quite hungry, but my boyfriend insisted that if we kept going it would be worth it, so we pushed on up hill.

That’s where I’l stop for today though, if you want to see more photos from my day out in Cagliari you can subscribe to LaBella by email to receive updates every time I post something new.