Body Reboot Part 1

So I’m just back from a 20 day holiday in Italy, and it goes without saying (especially if you read my recent food mood board post) that I may have over indulged a little. Now it’s not that I spent the whole 3 weeks binging on cakes and pastries, I still ate relevantly healthy; the other thing to take into account is that even when you eat out in Italy, the food and ingredients are fresh and organic. What I love about eating in Italy is that you rarely come across a fast-food or junk food restaurant; eateries pride themselves on quality ingredients and fresh cooked food, they even mark it on the menu if a dish may included frozen ingredients. However, what I did eat in Sardegna, that I hadn’t for the month before I travelled was fish, cheese and non-vegan foods. Now I’m not ashamed of that, I have a very open mind towards food and eating (read my eatuition post), I don’t eat meat but I am not vegan, I am pescatarian if you really want to put a label on it. Having said that I know the benefits of eating vegan when you want to detox your body and reboot your health, that’s why I try as much as I can to eat raw-till 4 vegan.

This week I have a series of health related posts planned for you, to help you reboot your body if you too have been over indulging over the summer. Let’s start with a walk through what I eat in a day on Raw-Till 4.


Brunch: Sliced pineapple and strawberries. The colours in this dish reminded me of my current favourite Essie polishes: Chillato and Aperitif.


Lunch: Sliced Pink Lady apple with Whole Earth organic crunchy peanut butter and Nairns Muesli Breaks Oaties.



Dinner: Homemade potato and carrot soup (recipe coming later this week).



Dinner: Green salad with edamame beans, couscous and grilled mushroom.