Does Size And Shape Really Matter?

I don’t usually reblog posts, but this one by Julia Linn is a refreshing perspective on the fashion industry. I hope that more minds like hers will begin to influence this industry.


“Size shouldn’t matter when you’re talking about a woman who just wants to be fashionable.” 

We all have differentshapes and sizes, that is something we should embrace. I have been feeling a bit closed in my mindset every since I started to study fashion design because we only worked with a few sizes and often illustrated from prototypes that we often see on the runway. I understand why it`s easier to have petit models because it both saves fabric/money and also makes it easier to create a design without thinking about all the curves, but it`s not a big difference! I really think It`s about time to open up our minds, pay attention and create designs for everyone.

“A call to action for retailers to give equal attention to and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.”

Follow the #plusisequal campaign and the designer that started…

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