Bookmark It #1- Blogs

I can’t remember when I started reading and browsing blogs, but I love them in the same way I love flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine. There are so many talented people out there and it’s something special when they chose to let us into their world through a blog. That’s probably what inspired me to start, I needed a creative outlet without limitations and a blog is just that. Here are my current favourite blogs that are hanging out in my bookmark bar…
Miss Maven 2

Miss Maven 1 Teni Panosian is my current girl crush, she is an amazingly talented women and probably one of my most watched channels on YouTube. I found her blog after falling in love with her channel and not only is it in my favourites bar, but it also comes up as one of my most visited pages on my google home page, just behind Facebook and YouTube. If you don’t already follow Teni, you are missing something in your life; her blog hasn’t been updated for a few weeks now (she’s been moving house FYI), but usually she’s really regular with posting.

Zoella 1

Zoella 2 Who doesn’t love the British sweetheart that is Zoey Sugg? Every time I watch her videos it puts a smile on my face, I feel like if we knew each other we would be best friends. This month she relaunched her blog, and it is beautiful. I love the new look and her recent uploads have been gorgeous. If you need something to cheer you up, check out her post about Nala’s 1st birthday (if you didn’t know Nala is her pet Pugg), puppy cupcakes anyone?

stylesmorgasboard 1

stylesmorgasboard 2 Style Smorgasbord is the creation of Karen, a student living in Australia. Since I started following her on wordpress I have had the honour of watching her blog grow and develop into something beautiful. With each new post I fall more in love with the blog and her style (her editing makes my heart skip a beat). Take it from me, this girl is going places in the blogging world.

withallmyaffection This beautiful blog is by Arielle Tan and has been one of my biggest inspirations since I stated blogging. She has something for everyone on here and I get butterflies when I see an email notification that she has posted. WithAllMyAffection is the kind of blog that you can get lost in like a good book.

veshion life This blog is pinterest pretty, every time I scroll through it, it makes me wish my life looked as beautiful as Czech Republic based Veronika’s is. If your looking for things to fill your moodboards and pinterest pages make VESHIONlife your first stop for inspiring and beautifully edited images.

NotSoPLainJayne This lovely blog is belong to my equally lovely sister Jayne Jones. When I read this I burst with pride seeing her personality splattered all over my browser. If you need some healthy food inspiration head here, because that what she does!