Bookmark It #2- YouTube Channels

When I was thinking about where to go with my Bookmark It series, it only seemed fitting that YouTube channels should follow favourite blogs. I can’t remember a time before YouTube, however I can remember struggling to watch it on a dial up internet connection! YouTube is probably one of the best social platforms on the internet so far, it has something for everyone on it and it has taken beauty and fashion to a whole new level. I remember fondly watching Bethany Mota beauty tutorials with my cousin and the revelation that was a video that showed you how to apply your make up; when I look at teens today I feel that YouTube is to thank for their early mastery of make up and avoidance of blue eyeshadows!

YouTube has come a long way since myself and my cousin huddled together on one office chair browsing it on slow internet connections, now it is a way of connecting millions of people with similar interests all over the world and is the best representation of the power of #TeamInternet. Here is a list of my current favourite, most watched most returned to channels…
YouTube 1

1. Teni Panosian

I mentioned Teni’s blog as one of my favourites in the first Bookmark It post and it’s no surprise that her YouTube channel is the top of my subscription list. I love her beauty and fashion videos; she has amazing style and is talented in make up application. Her vlogs are videos I watch again and again, I simply love her editing style.

YouTube 3

2. Zoella

With over 9 million subscribers, Zoella is a British sweetheart loved the world over. When I first started watching her videos I didn’t really get what the hype was about, but with Zoella it’s not always the content that makes her videos, it’s the personality. Her bright and bubbly persona makes even a candle haul exciting (but who am I kidding, I love candles too).

YouTube 7

3. That’s Heart & That’s Heart TV

I first fell in love with Heart last December when my sister linked me to her Vlogmas vidoes, and from the 1st of the December to the 25th I tuned in everyday religiously to watch her daily vlogs which included her surprise engagement to Arnold! I have since enjoyed both Heart’s channels + her snapchat throughout this year and I literally can not wait for Vlogmas 2015 (insert peppy intro music here)!

YouTube 4

4. Annie Jaffrey

I’ve been watching Annie’s channel for a long time now, I watched her move from NY to London and then to Dubai, back to her family in Barcelona and a few trips to Thailand in between. I’ve also loved watching her journey from beauty guru to health and fitness guru and her transformation into a plant based vegan lifestyle. Annie inspires me, she is such a beautiful person inside and out; thanks to her videos about her plant based lifestyle of found 80/10/10, RawTill4 and vegetarianism.

YouTube 6

5. Ingrid Nilson

Ingrid is the embodiment of quirky, her videos but a smile on my face regardless. It’s refreshing watching someone who is so confident with their own unique personality which was why so many of her fans were shocked when she came out recently; not shocked because she’s gay but because someone so beautiful and talented like her was afraid to be open about a crucial part of who she was… once again go #TeamInternet!

YouTube 5

6. Estée Lalondé (Essie Button)

I hadn’t watched Estée before BeautyCon, at which I went to her meet and greet for my sister. I fell in love with her then and their when she made a special video saying hi to my sister, even though their was a line of about a hundred other people waiting to see her. After that I subscribed to her channel and began to enjoy more of her quirky personality.

YouTube 2

7. Claire Marshall (Hey Claire)

I started following Claire after hearing her speak on a panel at BeautyCon. I find her opinions down to earth, honest and refreshing. On top of that her editing is so amazing it makes me want to cry. If you want some tips on where to start on her channel, watch her travel bag essentials, nail favourites and sunglasses collection.