Wonderful Wanders: Early Fall in Greenwich Park

Welcome to the place where time begins, Greenwich Park, London. I was lucky enough when I first moved to London to have this beautiful park on my doorstep, although I have moved since I am still within walking distance. Having grown up in the country side Autumn has always been my favourite season as natural beauty is all around. I was always used to being surrounded by trees and have always been fascinated with them, especially at this time of year when they begin to change; I consider it a moment of beautiful tragedy as a tree sheds its leaves in one last burst of splendour. Since moving to London Greenwich park has become a home away from home in the Fall, somewhere I have loved to go to escape the hustle bustle of the city, drown out the sounds of sirens and traffic and just be among the trees. IMG_6352




The old, tall trees act like a kind of sound barrier against the city; if you sit on a bench in the middle of the park or lie on the grass and close your eyes, you could be anywhere in the world, surrounded by nature, birds and busy squirrels.



Walks through Greenwich in the Autumn take me back to my childhood as the leaves crunch under my feet and I fill my pockets with concurs and horse-chestnuts.



Greenwich Park is a popular spot for tourists, as they line up to have their photo taken standing on the Greenwich Meantime Line, outside the Royal Observatory. Watch a moment of change in nature as you stand on the point where all time begins and look out over the Thames at London in all it’s glory.




Part 2 + VLOG coming soon!