#YESVEMBER Challenge with labellablog.co


It’s the beginning of a new month yet again, and that means only 61 days left in 2015! Even though it is still Autumn, there are 53 days to Christmas and the decorations are starting to go up, November is always one of those months that last forever and nothing gets done during. Maybe it’s just me, but a month that has the word ‘No’ in its name doesn’t encourage much cheer. For me November ends up being one of those in-between months; it’s no longer Halloween but it’s not quite Christmas yet either, the pumpkins have gone off but it’s too soon to put up the Christmas decorations, the leaves have mostly fallen but it’s still not cold enough for a glitter of frost or snow…what are we meant to do with this month? Normally I spend November counting the days away to December, I wish it away and by the end of the month I tend to end up feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing so near to the New Year.

So this year I’m saying out with November and in with YES-vember!


For the next 30 days I am saying YES to life. I will be using this month to revisit some of my New Year resolutions, take time to do some of the things I’ve been wanting to do but not got around to and not wasting a moment. On top of that I will be banishing the Winter blues by saying YES to health, fitness and happiness.

This 30 day challenge will mean a lot more blog posts than usual to share with you what I’m saying YES to this month. If you want to join me on this challenge and spread a bit of positivity in your life and the life of those around you, you can follow along here or on Twitter and Instagram using #YESVEMBER.