#YESVEMBER Day 4: Stop Procrastinating.

When you live away from home Christmas is both an exciting and stressful time of year; exciting because you can look forward to travelling home for Christmas, stressful because you have to travel home for Christmas.

If you are like me, and travelling home for Christmas involves airports, flights and suitcases, then you’ll know the emotional roller coaster that is the run into the 25th of December. Christmas shopping gets a whole new perspective when you chose presents based on their size and weight, in other words presents that will fit in your suitcase and still leave space and weight allowance for your clothes. It also doesn’t help if you tend to procrastinate about booking the flights as you know the big dent it will leave in your bank balance!

However, it is #YESVEMBER and I’ve decided it’s time to stop stressing about travel, bite the bullet and book my flights home. If you’re indecisive or procrastinating about booking your holiday travel set yourself a 10 minute challenge; give yourself 10 minutes to make a plan about when you want to travel, where from, where too, then get online and get it done. Taking just 10 minutes to focus your mind and make a final decision on your plans could be just what you need to get the ball (or Christmas baubles) rolling. Better now than later, your bank balance will thank you for it!

Some photos from last Christmas…Christmas 14 2 Christmas 14 1

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