#YESVEMBER Day 7: Sparklers, Glitter and Stars

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope that you have all had a wonderful first week of #YESVEMBER! I myself have tried to make a more conscious effort this week to more positive, organised, and healthy. Things that I have achieved this week included: taking a prepared lunch with me to work everyday, booking my holiday flights, publishing a new post 4 out of 7 days in the week and practising yoga 3 out of 7 days. Was it a perfect week? No; but it was a step in the right direction and has given me plenty to think about for the week ahead.

Yesterday on day 7 of #YESVEMBER I headed to Blackheath to add a little sparkle to my life. If you live in the UK you will know that this week, on the 5th of November, was Guy Fawkes Night, or more commonly known as Bonfire Night. Bonfire night means a whole week, and sometimes weeks of firework displays filling the skies of London, which makes the short days and dark nights a little more bearable for one week at least. One firework display that I had heard a lot about is the Blackheath display, and this year I decided it was about time I went and checked it out.

The evening didn’t disappoint, the display was wonderful and made me feel like a child again. Here are some photo’s from the night…










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