#YESVEMBER Day 19: Christmas World at Harrods

Deck the halls with glitter, fairy lights and all things Christmas! It may not be December yet, but it’s not far off either, and I have been getting excited about Christmas decorations recently. The shops have been folded with decorations, lights and tinsel since late October (what?!) but if you want to get some real festive decorating inspiration there no other place to visit but the place that does Christmas all year round: Christmas World at Harrods, London.

The fact that Harrods has a Christmas world makes me so happy, as when I was younger my parents took me on a trip to visit Santa at Harrods and it was a truly wonderful and Christmasy experience. Visiting Christmas World reminds me of what it was like to visit Harrods as a child; it big, its sparkly and there are teddies everywhere.

So before you put up your decorations, make a stop a Christmas World to get some ideas for Christmas 2015!