Welcome to 2016!

Dancing BaublesHappy New Year everyone, and Welcome back to LaBella! 

I have so much love for the year 2015, it brought so many amazing opportunities my way, I created so many wonderful memories and I learned a lot about myself; with that in mind I have high hopes, great expectations and many plans for 2016. 2015 was the year I decided to take back time for myself, my passions and my interests and it was through labellablog.co that that happened; it is almost 12 months since my first post went live and it makes me so proud to see how far the blog has come in such a short space of time. I am beginning to formulate ideas of where I want to take the blog next and look forward to seeing what the new year will bring.

New year | New Look

I have been planning a ‘make-over’ or such for a while now and I am really happy to reveal labellablog.co’s new look and layout as I am really pleased with how my visions have come together. There are still a few adjustments to be made here and there, so keep an eye out!

 Posting Schedule

After the madness #YESVEMBER and Blogmas I am looking forward to getting back to a more regular scheduling; I will be posting new content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and occasionally also on Sundays. If you want to recieve updates of new content be sure to subscribe (sign-up form can be found in the sidebar).