2015 in Review: Fragrance Favourites


Perfume, something that every girl finds a special place for on her dresser. For me, I have found my true love in the fragrance world, Chanel! Chanel have always been known for their classy fragrances that are the epitome femininity. I fell in love with Coco Mademoiselle a few years ago and it has been my signature scent ever since; I especially love the refillable handbag spray for travelling. I recently tried Coco on my last trip through Stansted duty-free and made a pre-Christmas splurge on that too.

In the highstreet fragrance department, my favourite of 2015 was, quite surprisingly, the Zoella Beauty body spritz collection. At the moment I am using (and loving) the original Blissful Mistful, but my favourite for 2015 was Let’s Spritz, which I carried with me everywhere over the Summer.