2015 in Review: Jewellery Favourites

jewellery 2

Let’s talk about those finishing touches to any outfit, that bit of sparkle, frosting; be it real diamonds or high-street bling, my jewellery collection was something I both added to and cleansed throughout 2015. No matter how many times I look at my statement necklaces and earring, and tell myself I don’t need anymore, everytime I go shopping there is always something that slips into my shopping basket and makes it’s way home (especially if I visit the accessory department at Forever21).

Let’s start with the statement necklace; this has been one of my favourite accessories all through this year, I love how a statement necklace can change up a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit, or any outfit for that matter, and make it something special. One of my favourite places to shop for statement necklaces this year was Forever21, they have a huge selection and everytime I go there I end up buying something that I probably didn’t need but never regret; other places that were great for variety in statement necklaces this year were H&M and good old Primark.

Now for the more treasured pieces of my jewellery collection; growing up I always believed that ‘good’ jewellery was for special occasions only and it would end up sitting in my jewellery box collecting dust. Since my boyfriend has bought me a few pieces over the last 2 years I have ended up wearing those pieces everyday, as I like the idea of keeping those special things close to me. My favourite piece of jewellery this year was my Swarovski pendant necklace (similar here), which I wore pretty much every day. Another piece that I have been loving since the summer is my crystal pendant, which Giovanni bought for me on our holiday to Sardegna; it’s not an expensive piece but I love it more simply because he bought it for me. Probably my most treasured piece of jewellery now is my Michael Kors watch which I received for our anniversary in October, I haven’t owned a nice watch since I was a child, a good watch, something I didn’t get in the accessory isle in Primark, and I absolutely adore this piece. All of these are nicely compliment by a little pair of earrings (similar here) I found in, shocker here, Forever 21; I have been loving this ‘ear jacket trend’ with the little pieces that hang just below the ear-lobe from the back of the earring, I find that they work really well with my double piercing.

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