2015 in Review: Hair Care Favourites

Last year (2014) I decided to start letting my hair grow out, after having it in a super short bob for 2 years; I knew that it would be hard work growing it out and that it would take time and patience. After fighting with it a lot, especially in the winter of 2014, and being half tempted to shave it all off at times, 2015 saw a new dawn of good hair moments for me again. Most of that was down to the products I discovered at the beginning of the year and over the Summer, these wonder products have helped my hair become strong and healthy again and so many people have complimented me on how nicely my hair has come down, and how good it looks on me long.

hair care faves

The first wonder product I discovered this year was the Aussie 3 minute miracle shine conditioner; I had read lots of good things about Aussie products and how good they make hair look, and in January, after facing the cold of Cesenatico for the New Year, my hair was in much need of TLC. My blonde had gone so dull that it looked grey and I was actually considering dying it for the first time, but this conditioner saved me and brought back a natural golden sheen to my hair again; despite the fact that my boyfriend thought it made my hair smell like eggs, I continued to use it!

Then came the Summer, and at BeautyCon London I discovered Ogx’s Coconut Water Spray in Conditioner; this became a beach bag essential over the Summer and is now part of my regular hair routine. It was also over the Summer, on my visit home to Ireland, that I first shopped in Lush; I was late onto the bandwagon on this one, but better late than never.  This was when I found the holy grail of shampoo for natural blondes that is Daddy-O! I have since went through 3 bottles of this stuff and I swear by it; so many people have remarked how quickly my hair has grown in the last 6 months and I am beginning to think that this shampoo is responsible for it. Not only is it the best shampoo I have ever used for blonde hair, it completely removes any brassiness or dullness, but it also smells AMAZING! Parma violets are one of my favourite retro sweets, so added bonus that this shampoo smells just like them.

The last hair care wonder that I found in 2015 was the Tangle Teezer; again, I had read and heard great things about these but I was sceptical how a hair brush could be anymore than just a hairbrush. However, I have been converted; the Tangle Teezer is like the perfect combination of brush and comb, it de-tangles both wet and dry hair easily, cancels out static and because of the way the bristly stimulate the scalp it actually does make your hair shinier. If you don’t already own one, you need too!