Wonderful Wanders: Southbank After Dark

IMG_8542As I mentioned in my last post, one of my sisters recently visited me London; on Sunday evening we found ourselves on Southbank after the shops had closed and the sun had gone down. It was bitter cold and yet we found ourselves walking across the bridge and along the river, in awe of the lights sparkling off the Thames, we even found the last remnants of the Christmas magic that seems to have vacated every other part of London almost instantly. IMG_8538



IMG_8546Under the bridge, on London Eye Pier we found a carousel and the few remaining Christmas trees, still clutching onto their twinkly lights. Even better than that, a pop up bar with log fires and hot chocolate; the only thing that could have made the conversations around the fire sipping our hot chocolates any better would have been a dusting of snow. IMG_8552



IMG_8559I love when friends and family come to visit me in London, sharing my city with them makes me fall in love with it again and again as there is never a dull day here.

I loved spending time with my sister last weekend, connecting with her on a new level than we have in the past; all our childhoods we wondered what we would be like when we grew up. Sisterhood is a magical bound that changes with age, but I am lucky that my bound with my sisters has only grown stronger in the last few years as we have become individuals, chasing our passions; even if our goals have separated us physically, our support for each other has brought us closer spiritually. IMG_8569