January Favourites

After a pretty comprehensive review of my favourites at the beginning of January, I didn’t want to do the usual monthly favourites again at the end of the month; instead I’m sharing some healthy and fitness favourites that have carried me through the first month of 2016.


Let’s start with my workout favourites; back in November I joined the gym and started weight training about 4-5 days a week. My workout usually consists of about 30 mins cardio, followed by a muscle group focused (abs and back, or chest and arms, or legs and glutes) training for about 40 mins, finishing with yoga stretches. Working out weekly has been a January favourite as it has helped me stay motivated and focused throughout the month. I have been loving my Nike Roshe Runs; they are so comfortable for both working out and general wear and the design means they are super light which makes them perfect for running.


Post workout I have been using a lot of hand cream this month because of the cold dry weather and the wear and tear of weight lifting; I’ve really been loving Lush Love & Light hand cream, I apply it every night before bed and it smells really fresh. Mount Purious Rosewater is great after a workout to freshen your face and close pores after sweating, added bonus for me is the beautiful natural scent of the rose petals.


Onto food! I have been making an extra effort this month to make sure I am staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water; it’s easy to forget to hydrate in the winter when we don’t need to cool ourselves down with a glass of water, however it’s still really important to drink water throughout the day. I like adding lemon slices to my water, it adds a subtle flavour to the water and has the added bonus of vitamin C which is vital in cold and flu season.


If you have been following the recipes I’ve been posting the last few weeks then you’ll know that I have been loving banana based recipes. In the Summer I found it really easy to get plenty of bananas into my diet because of all the smoothies and banana-nice-cream, however since it’s colder I’ve had to get a bit more creative with my bananas. Banana are a great base for any vegan baking as a substitute for milk and eggs; the potassium in bananas makes them super filling and a source of slow realising energy. I have been making muffins and banana bread at the weekend and bringing them with me in the mornings for my commute, they make a great snack.


Finally, after Christmas and all the food and treats that went along with it, January was a good time to get back to more plant-based eating and living. Thanks to Ella Woodward‘s Deliciously Ella Everyday, I really enjoyed experimenting with kitchen staples and creating new dishes. Sweet potatoes have once again become a staple part of my diet, as they are so versatile and really tasty at this time of year. I have also been trying to introduce more plant proteins to keep up with my busy workout routine; Ella’s chickpea, quinoa curry is one of my favourite recipes I tried last month.