Wonderful Wanders: Southbank After Dark Part 2


Night-time give a city a whole new look, like any lady London sheds it’s dull daytime look for something with a bit more sparkle once the sun goes down. I don’t think you can truly appreciate London’s true glamour until you see her in all her night-time glory; we may not see the stars in the sky very often in the city, but we are never short of twinkle or shine.



Even the river Thames looks beautiful at night, as it reflects the lights along the bank you forget that in reality it’s murky brown waters don’t sparkle at all. If you’re going to take a boat trip along the Thames, I highly recommend you do it at night, even if you just hop on the Clipper for a few stops, as my sister and I did when she was over, you will get to see all of London’s landmarks lit up along the bank.



One of my favourite times to walk along Southbank is on a Sunday night; there is always a stillness in the air on a Sunday as people pretend in silence that they don’t have to go back to the grind the following morning. Sometimes it take a lot to motivate me on a Sunday night to return to work on Monday, but seeing my city in shining in the darkness reminds me that my job is just a job, it pays my bills and allows me to live in this wonderful place while I work to make my passions my career.