Vegan Valentine’s Treats


How lucky I am to have a boyfriend who supports my choices; over a year and a half ago when I decided to become a vegetarian I wasn’t sure what my meat loving Italian boyfriend would think of it but to my surprise he was totally supportive, and happy that there would be more meat for him. Yesterday he surprised me with a bag full of vegan treats including the most amazing hot chocolate from Montezuma’s  chocolates.


Sea Dog Lime and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar | Kingdom Dark Chocolate Mousse Bar | Truffle Bag | Organic Mochachino Drinking Chocolate


I feel so blessed to have this man in my life, who makes everyday better than the last, who challenges me to be a better version of myself and who spent Valentine’s Day looking after me because I was feeling so unwell and he didn’t even complain once. I can’t wait to enjoy all these amazing treats once I’m feeling better!