Gail’s Bakery Blackheath


Welcome to Gail’s Artisan Bakery in Blackheath, my new favourite Sunday breakfast and brunch spot. Opposite the train station, this little bakery has been buzzing with life since it opened, especially on a Sunday morning when people line out the door for some of the fresh baked goods waiting inside.

Myself and Giovanni have started to work our way through the menu trying to try something different each time we eat there, so far nothing has disappointed. I will say that the prices are a little high, but to be fair if you want good quality food then you have to willing to pay for it. If I had to recommend something for a good vegetarian breakfast I would say go for their avocado on toast or the ricotta and spinach roll; from a meat-eaters point of view Giovanni has loved any of their rolls, especially the sausage roll and the lamb roll.



Another reason I fell in love with bakery was not food related, but design related; I love how they have used the space and how the atmosphere differs depending on where you sit. The bakery is split over three levels, the main level being when you walk in the door, with the service counter where you can order and chose your breads. Upstairs is a bright, airy, open seating area with minimalist décor; white walls, wooden tables, big benches as well as comfy sofas set off by a mix of lighting from fairy lights to big exposed copper bulbs.



Down stairs is my favourite area; it’s where the kitchen is, where the chefs and bakers work constantly on bread and breakfast and sweet delights. This area is open plan also, the lights are a little more dim, the huge marble worktop that the bakers work at is surrounded by a few small tables which sit along side bookshelves filled with vintage cookbooks. I love to sit in this area when we go, I feel like I’m getting to look in on something magical happening, like it’s a secret little hide away for food lovers where you have to talk in hushed tones so as not to disturb the crafting.



So, if you are looking to try something a little different this Sunday, and you budget isn’t yet stretched to capacity, head to Gail’s Bakery and prepare to be in for a real treat.