10 Reasons to Smile Today.


Another Monday has landed, it’s mid month, pay-day is still two weeks away and Summer is still months away; so, it goes without saying that some of us may need a little motivating to get out of bed and get going this morning. I have read many times that if you are having trouble finding internal happiness, start externally instead with one simple technique: a smile. Smile and you will instantly begin to feel better, it works the same as if you see the word yawn, you feel the need to yawn (I know you just did it), if you smile then you feel the need to smile more and suddenly you forget why you weren’t smiling in the first place. To help you get going, and to put a pep in your step, here’s 10 reasons to smile right now:


  1. The sun is up (or is going to come up soon); even if it’s a cloudy day you know it’s there keeping life going.
  2. You’re alive and, hopefully, healthy.
  3. The tree’s are starting to bud, the blossoms are starting to bloom, that means Spring is in the air. 7969e4032d478ff28fbfe7f1101e4fc3
  4. You have so many things in your life to be grateful for, there is someone, somewhere who would wish to walk in your shoes just for one day in the same way you often wish to walk in someone else’s.
  5. Food. Food is always a reason to smile; whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, savour your food today and smile as you eat it. 4d6be6695060f98000d8198df0c754ad
  6. Water. Something so simple but so vital to life; don’t take it for granted that you can have it with just the turn of a tap.
  7. You can have a hot shower when you get home from work (which you couldn’t have without water by the way!), or a bath. 158dbb3f3583f47b9f7e31fd9c872670
  8. You have the power to make someone else happy; a simple kind deed, a coffee for a friend, an unexpected call to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, or just a simple smile.
  9. Even if today is a really long, hard day, the end will come, the sun will set, you’ll go to bed and you can start a fresh tomorrow.
  10. The stars will come out, we might not see them, but we know they are there watching the world sleep.


Images sourced from Pinterest.