Spring Colour Palette


Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to put away the dark lipsticks and swap smoky eyes for dusky eyes. Now is the perfect time to rethink your colour palette and give your make-up routine a face-lift, so to speak. During the Winter months I was all about the statement lip (read more here and here), but as the days are getting longer and a little bit warmer, I want to soften my palette and have found myself reaching for nudes and pinks.

In order to rotate my make-up collection I have been swatching and sampling which colours blend well together and created a colour palette to have at hand on my dressing table so I can quickly select colours that combine well when I’m getting ready.



I’ve decided to give contouring a break for a while, and instead of using bronzer and deep colours, I am opting for a soft rose blush instead. My favourite is Mica Beauty Mineral Blush in the shade Wild Rose (link below); it’s orange undertones means it creates a warm look. Choosing a blusher that doesn’t wash you out or make you look like a china doll can be hard, sometimes the colour you think will look nice seems to have the opposite effect when you apply it; this is to do with the undertones, whether it’s cool or warm. Simply put, if your skin has cool undertones, adding a blush with cool undertones makes you look washed out and over done, the same applies if you have warm undertones; if you don’t understand your undertones this article is good reading before you go make-up shopping.


The easiest way to soften and change your make-up look is with your eye make-up; the smoky eye has been the go-to look for quite a while now, and while I love a good smoky eye myself, I think it can look very heavy and over done when dark colours are used on the eyes at this time of year. I prefer a dusky eye come Spring, still following the same contour and highlight technique of a smoky eye, but with soft dusky pinks and warm nudes instead; so the aim is to accent your eyes, make them appear more open and bright to reflect the season. Lose the heavy eyeliner, opt instead for slim liquid line on the upper lash line which can help to make the eyes appear more open; sometimes at this time of year I swap black liquid liner for brown, the difference when it’s on is very subtle but adds warmth and is less harsh, added bonus if you have blue eyes is that brown will make that blue pop.




One of my favourite parts about changing seasons is changing my lip colour; lipstick is by far my favourite beauty product and one of the simplest ways to give yourself a confidence boost is by adding a swipe of colour to your lips. Throughout the Winter we have all been rocking plum and red matte lips, combine that with cold dry weather and your lips may be in need of some TLC this Spring. Time to swap out the dark matte for some sheer nudes, by personal preference I think nude lips are better with a sheer formula, I think some matte nudes look painted on or like your didn’t remember to wipe the foundation of your lips.

Once again, choosing a nude lip colour all comes down to your skins undertones, and the undertones of the lip colour; don’t assume that because you have fair skin a pale (almost white) pink will suit you, or that because you have olive or dark skin that it won’t; knowing your undertones when it comes to pinks and nudes can mean the difference between looking flawless and looking like a Barbie doll.

As you can see from my swatches below, my nudes have all just a shade in difference between each of them, but each subtle difference compliments the blush I have chosen and the eye colours, in a different way. Having cool undertones myself, I opt for nudes that have pink undertones, and pinks that have peach undertones; therefore my lip colour warms my look instead of washing me out.




Now for final touches; there is no point in having a soft palette if you are going to carry on wearing bright red or dark plum nails. While a contrast is always nice, for Spring I like to compliment my make-up look with a soft nude nail. Once again, pay attention to your undertones when choosing a nude nail colour; from personal experience I have found that choosing a nude nail colour that actually looks good on me very difficult. The best bit of advice I can pass on is to take off your nail colour before you go shopping so you can try the different colours directly on your nail.



Nails: Essie Nail Enamel in Fiji, Sand Tropez and Eternal Optimist; Essie Gel-Setter Top Coat.

Lips: Mac Pretty Please; Loreal JLo’s Nude; Bourjois Velvet Edition in Don’t Pink of It; Topshop Lipstick in Innocent; No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Rose Mist.

Face: Mica Beauty Mineral Blush in Wild Rose; Funny Girl, Flower Child, Sweet Heart and Rebel from Tartlette 2 in Bloom Palette.