Easter Centerpieces


Like wild flowers; you must allow yourself to grow in al the places people thought you never would. 





Happy Sunday and happy Easter! Because it’s Easter weekend, I have been busy making delicious chocolate treats like my homemade chocolate fudge and my dairy-free chocolate treats;  I have also been busy bringing a little bit of Spring indoors and making my own Easter centerpieces and flower arrangements.

I love flowers and I am so obsessed with flower arrangements and fresh flower centerpieces that I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to this obsession. It’s rare that I don’t have a vase of fresh cut flowers on display somewhere in my flat, but because it’s Easter weekend and because I have Spring fever, I decided to take things to the next level this bank holiday weekend and get my DIY on (glue-guns at the ready).




Everything I used in these arrangements was inexpensive and bought in either the poundshop or Tiger. For the flowers themselves I ended up going to both Sainsbury’s and Tesco to get what I wanted; I knew I wanted carnations and baby’s breath for the table wreath and tulips and daffodils for the smaller vase arrangements.

The wreath was pretty straight forward to put together, however it took quite a bit of time, which I didn’t mind and in fact I found the whole process really relaxing and therapeutic. I started by twisting some thin green wire into a ring that I knew would fit snuggly around the base of my bowl vase (added bonus being that it fits my head so can double as a flower crown!); I then strengthened that ring by wrapping more pieces of wire around it until it was sturdy enough to support the flowers.

Next I cut the carnations down to size, leaving about an inch of the stem from under the flower head. Once I had the flower heads sorted by colour I started adding them to the ring by twisting pieces of wire around the stem to attach them onto the wire ring; I continued this until I had covered the wire frame with carnations. I then added the baby’s breath by sticking sprigs in between carnations, I also added some leaves from the carnation stems and then some bright coloured daisies. Next I wrapped my battery powered fairy lights carefully around the flowers, leaving enough wire at the end so that the battery pack could be tucked under a table runner. I finished off the wreath with some feather butterflies from Tiger.



For the main bouquet in the center of the wreath I used the remaining carnations mixed in with some bright coloured daisies that I thought were perfect for Easter, I then added some painted eggs, also from Tiger, hanging from the carnation stems, I thought the colours of the eggs perfectly accented the daisies. For a final touch I then placed this tall vase in a small bowl vase which I had decorated the inside of with dried lemons and limes; the dried fruit not only added colour, but also fills the room with a fresh citrus smell.

For the Easter table I added this table runner, which I actually made from a pair of curtains from Ikea a few years ago; I thought the coloured balloons looked like Easter eggs and matched the flowers. The bunting printed napkins are from Tiger. As a final touch of fun a added a good sprinkle of confetti (the colours of which are a perfect match to the daisies) and some Cadbury’s mini eggs to snack on before lunch/dinner.





For my side table I put together a small arrangement of soft pink tulips. I then added some brighter pink carnations and dotted in some daffodils. What I love most about this arrangement is that all the flowers were closed when I put it together, so over the next few days as the flowers start open the bouquet will change and I will get to wake up to something a little different every morning. As a finishing touch to this arrangement I added a thick pink ribbon to offset the pink in the flowers.








I love having a vase of fresh cut flowers on my desk, I find it calming to have at my side as I work and I often find myself staring at my flowers trying to find inspiration. For my desk I wanted to tone things down a bit in comparison to the other arrangements and chose white tulips, baby’s breath and, for a bit of sunshine, some daffodils. For me, daffodils are the first sign of Spring, they remind me of when I was in school, we would always go to visit the flower beds when the daffodils opened; I think daffodils are natures way of telling us that sunshine is coming, because when they open it is like the sun bursting through the clouds on a rainy day. Even now as I write this I have noticed some of the daffodils pushing the tulips in the vase to one side so they can spread their bright yellow petals wide.




Just living is not enough; one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

-H. C. Andersen



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