Trésor Rare Luxury Skincare


Recently I did a skincare post where I shared my skincare routine, the products I use and why I use them. Since that post I got my hands on some gorgeous luxury skincare products from Trésor Rare. I was excited to add something a little more high end to my skincare routine and it didn’t hurt that the packaging of these products was beautiful to look at too.


  • What? Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel
  • When? 2-3 times a week, after cleansing.
  • Why? I have been using facial peels for a while now, they are an alternative to a scrub with a much gentler and more effective exfoliating  effect. The peeling gel works by softening the top, dead, layer of the dermis and then lifting it away. You apply the gel to cleansed skin, allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes and then simply massage the skin using the fingertips to loosen the dead skin layer, finally you wash with warm soapy water to reveal smooth, soft and glowing skin. I love this peeling gel because it’s gentle but works quickly, in comparison to a scrub, it doesn’t agitate my skin and helps reduce the marks left behind by healing blemishes.




  • What? Complete Age Defying Eye Zone Treatment
  • When? After cleansing and toning in the morning before applying make-up, as well as before bed.
  • Why? I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after the skin under the eyes, it is one of the most delicate areas on skin on the face and body and one of the first places on the face to show the signs of ageing. This cream is thick and moisturising, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the under eye skin feeling weighed down. I use both in the morning and before bed, I can honestly say that I’ve seen a significant reduction in the appearance of dark circles since I started using the cream,



*Special thanks to my other half, Giovanni, for getting these products for me to try, and for continuously advising me on my skincare routine.