10 things I am grateful for…

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This month I have been reading The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan; I first heard about the book back in January when I heard Ella Woodward speak at the launch of her book Deliciously Ella Every Day, when she spoke about Janice as one of her major inspirations in the literary world as well as in life. Since 2016 is the year I’ve decided to take up reading on a daily basis, I added The Gratitude Diaries to my reading list straight away but only recently decided to purchase it, as I thought it would be the perfect medicine for the pessimist in me. I haven’t finished the book yet, but after only a few chapters I am feeling more grateful for the little things in my life and trying to re-frame those bad days to see them in a more positive light. With that in mind, I would like to share 1o things that I am grateful to have in my life.


  1. My sisters. My sisters and I and three very different people and always have been, from the colour of our hair, to our interests I think people would find it difficult to pick as sisters from a crowd unless they knew us. I think it’s our differences that have helped us be so close, especially in recent years as we’ve all got a little bit older and started to live our own lives. I am grateful that we balance each other out, that we have different interest and therefore interesting conversations. I am grateful that we challenge each other, and bring different things to the table. I am grateful that my two younger sisters teach me things and inspire me.
  2. My parents. I am grateful to have the kind of parents that I know will support me when I need it, but also the kind of parents who step back and allow me to make my own choices and live my life the way I want to. I am grateful to have parents who showed me that a strong relationship is about more than just love, it’s about teamwork, mutual respect, patience, kindness, compromise, laughter and trust. I am grateful to have parents who believe I am capable of anything, even when I don’t believe this myself.
  3. Giovanni. I am grateful that this man approached me in a busy shopping center one Sunday afternoon in London, and that I actually stopped to listen to him. I am grateful that he brings smiles and laughter into my life even on the days when there isn’t much to laugh about. I am grateful to have met someone who is just as much a dreamer as I am, and who doesn’t think I’m loopy everytime I talk about the future I envision for myself. I am grateful to have someone who challenges me, balances me, and knows how to calm me down. I am grateful to have a man that is always honest with me, even when I don’t like the truth. quote2
  4. London. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity three years ago, to come to live and work in London. I am grateful to call one of the world’s major capitals my home, and to experience things as part of my everyday life that people travel from all over the world to see. I am grateful to be able to offer my friends and family a place to stay when they visit this wonderful city. I am grateful of how living in London has changed me; I am grateful that I am a Londoner and that I have got to spend a part of my life in this city. I am also grateful to know I won’t always live here!
  5. My Flat. I am grateful that I have somewhere I can some home to at the end of the day, and that I can afford to pay the rent (no matter how ridiculously expensive it is). I am grateful to have somewhere that is my own, that I don’t have to share it with anyone besides Giovanni and my cat.
  6. My Bed; especially at the end of a long day. quote3
  7. Music. I am grateful to have grown up in a family with different music tastes. I am grateful of the music that helps me stayed motivated in the gym. I am grateful of the music that Giovanni plays on a Sunday morning when he makes breakfast. I am grateful of the songs that bring back memories of people, places, first loves and Summers growing up. I am grateful of the songs that my mother sings in the kitchen and the car. I am grateful for the music that has saved me on the darkest days.
  8. Friends. I am grateful for the friends I had in school, even though most other people thought we were a little odd. I am grateful for the days sleepovers, private jokes, CSI marathons, bebo and MSN messenger.I am grateful for the friend that texts on a random day for no reason, just for a chat. I am grateful for the friend who didn’t give up on me in my first year of college, when most other people thought I was a lost cause. I am grateful for the Mary I girls; for confetti that took days to wash out of our hair, for photographs that will never make it to facebook, for videos of group projects that resurface every one and a while and fill my heart with joy. I am grateful for the friends who accept me as I am, make me laugh and smile and who even after months of not seeing them, make me feel like we’ve never been apart. quote5
  9. Travel. I am grateful for all the wonderful trips I have taken in my life, and the places I have visited. I am grateful for sunny beaches, warm blue waters, old cobbled streets, market places, and cheesy photographs. I am grateful that my mum is good with maps… I am grateful that google maps invented a map that rotates with you, so I go the right direction most of the time. I am grateful for all the hours my dad spent behind the wheel driving us to and from different places. I am grateful for getting lost. I am grateful for when my dad asked for directions… and we all laughed at his communication skills! I am grateful for the fact that my mum always thinks 6 months ahead and has planned and taken us on so many great trips growing up. I am grateful for all the trips I still haven’t taken and the places I haven’t visited.
  10. Food. I am grateful for the dinners spent with family. I am grateful for the smells of food in the kitchen when my mum cooks. I am grateful for the times that Giovanni cooks for me, especially when he surprises me with dinner when I get home or breakfast on Sunday morning. I am grateful for dinners out in restaurants, and trying different foods and cuisines. I am grateful for Italians, for pizza pasta and tiramisu (and Esta Thé). I am grateful for cake! I am grateful to have food in my fridge and to have something to eat everyday, I am grateful for the hunger in my belly and that I can satisfy it.