The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k!


Any book titled ‘The Life-Changing Magic of… …’ is sure to catch the eye, but Sarah Knights book has the kind of title that you simply can’t ignore and inspires curiosity. I came across this book when I was buying Big Magic on Amazon, and the idea stood out to me; I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, I had the illusion that it would either be really sarcastic or a very serious step-by-step guide. It turned out that this book falls somewhere between self-help and don’t take yourself too seriously in regards to the tone of the writing; Sarah Knight’s opinions are bluntly funny, but through the tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks she pushes you to analyse how much of the things you worry and stress about are actually worth your f**ks.

In Sarah Knights opinion, most of us take the f**ks we give for granted; in other words we care so much about things that are irrelevant that we don’t have any energy (or f**ks) left to care about the things that actually deserve our attention. This book is about stopping and thoroughly assessing your life and the energy you give away worrying and stressing about what people will think of you, or things that you think need to be done, or following social rules in order to keep everyone happy… this list goes on, we get anxious just thinking about it.


What is the secret to not giving a f**k? It’s as simple as the Not-Sorry-Method; in other words, stop apologising for doing things that make you happy or avoiding things that don’t!

I feel like I was meant to read this book at this point in my life, although I wish I had read it as a teenager as I think I would have coped with life a lot better then if I had; when you choose to stray off the path and do something a little different to the norm that people are accustomed to,  you can feel that pressure to re-conform to everyday life. Sarah Knight reminded me that I don’t have to feel sorry for doing things that make me happy and I most certainly shouldn’t have to explain myself when I avoid doing something that makes me uncomfortable. As long as we are not rude in how we say no to people, or tell them we basically don’t care, then there is no reason to feel guilty, or sorry for that matter, about not wanting to do something, not feeling the need to get stressed about something or not having the same opinion on something; we need to stop caring what other people think about us and start caring about making ourselves and the people we love happy.


This book is worth a read, if for nothing else than to give you a few giggles. However, do not under estimate this powder pink book, with it’s proactive title; Sarah Knights philosophies are nothing to be laughed about. Since reading this book, in a combination with the other forward thinking books I have been reading this year, I have felt a weight lifted from my shoulders and I have noticed that my anxiety has reduced dramatically; I find myself tell other people to calm the f**k down for a change rather than just trying to calm myself down. I have already recommended and shared this book with friends and family and they too have agree that behind the sarcasm there is a wisdom in Sarah Knights words that should be heeded. However, if you don’t want to read her book, she probably wouldn’t give a f**k anyway!