Summer Hair with Aveda



This Spring I decided to give my hair a bit of a lift, and for the first time, I had it coloured, well beached. The lovely Vanessa at Go West Hair Salon enhanced the natural colouring of my hair with a balayage leaving it looking sunkissed and golden without damaging the roots with bleach or dye.

However, maintaining bleach hair is a challenge in it’s own right, and my whole haircare routine had to change in order to keep the ends of my hair looking hydrated, shiny and soft. One things that I have found to be amazing to keep my hair healthy is treating it to a coconut oil mask once a week, all I do is coat the dry hair in the coconut oil, leave it in for about an hour and then rinse it out in the shower by shampooing as normal.


I have also been using this damage remedy range from Aveda* to keep the ends of my hair conditioned and protected from heat. The range consists of a regular conditioner, an intense conditioning treatment and a daily leave-in conditioner; all the ingredients are natural and the smell of these products is super fresh, it reminds me of a spa. There is also a shampoo in the range, but that product didn’t agree with my hair and cased it to tangle and matte, but everyone’s hair is different. The conditioning products on the other hand, have been keeping my balayage shiny and soft and the daily treatment is great to stop breakages caused by straightening or curling.

I think these conditioners are the perfect products to look after your hair during the Summer months, especially if you’re planning to travel somewhere with sunshine, sand and salt-water. The damage remedy intense conditioner would be the perfect treatment for dry hair after a day on the beach and to tame down frizz caused by humidity.



*Aveda products c/o Estée Lauder Travel Retail. All opinions expressed are my own.