Wonderful Wanders: 7 Places to Holiday

Thinking of planning a holiday this Summer? There are so many beautiful places to see and visit; if you can’t manage to make up your mind about where to book your trip to, then I have put together a list of 7 places that I have visited, loved and plan to travel to again. I did some digging through my archive of old photos and became a bit nostalgic looking back through all the family holiday pictures; most of them didn’t make the cut for this post, but I did manage to scrape a few good ones together. Hopefully I can help make your holiday planning a little easier, or your wanderlust list a little longer!


Country: Italy

Reasons to visit: Venice is one of those locations that most people already have on their travel bucket list, simply because of how unique it is. Venice is a truly magical place and just as beautiful in reality as the Google image search results. There are many reason that make this little city worth travelling to, apart from a gondola ride that is; if you are into art and architecture you will have plenty to look at to keep yourself occupied, there is also lots of lovely places to eat and enjoy a coffee. Venice is also famous for it’s Murano glass, which you will find plenty of in the little shops and boutiques littered around the streets, you can also learn about how it’s made and the history of the craft. If you are visiting Venice on a budget I recommend you avoid the hotels in the centre as they are quite pricey, but there are many places to stay outside of Venice that are much more reasonable and only a short bus a ferry trip away from the hub of it all.

Sardegna (Sardinia)

Country: Island of the coast of mainland Italy

Reasons to visit: Last Summer myself and Giovanni went to Sardegna for 3 weeks to stay with his family there; before we travelled he told me how it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but even that description couldn’t have prepared me for how truly beautiful this place is. The coast line of Sardegna is dotted with beautiful beaches and coves, and if you’re willing to drive outside the main coastal towns, most of the beaches are secluded, with crystal clear waters and unpopulated by tourists. If that’s not enough for you, the surrounding countryside will provide plenty of places for walks and hikes, one of my favourites places we visited was an old abandoned mining village in Monte Narba where we picked wild grapes straight from the vine. If you want to read more about Sardegna you can have a look at my travel posts from last year  here.

Florida Theme Parks

Country: USA

Reasons to visit: One word: Disney! My family and I visited Florida twice, and thanks to my mothers careful planning and strategic timetabling, we covered all the Disney World parks the first year, and Universal, Busch Gardens, Sea World and Discovery Cove the second year we visited. Florida theme parks are amazing, they say that Americans do everything bigger and the the scale and size of these parks and resorts proves that (just search it on Google maps if you don’t believe me). It doesn’t matter what age you, if you do or don’t have children, there is something for everyone in Florida which really makes it the ideal location for a big family holiday, as everyone will be kept happy. Transport around Florida and to and from the parks is great, with most hotels in the area offering park transfers which means you don’t have to worry about car hire. If you are travelling to the theme parks in Florida, planning is essential if you want to get everything in; don’t try and fit too much in on one day as between the size of the different parks and the queues for rides and attractions, you’ll find the day will fly by and you won’t have got to see half of what you wanted. Be sure to try and get to see some shows while you’re there too, the obvious one being Shamu at Sea World, but there are loads of performance theatres in the different parks with everything from Cirque du Soleil style shows to classic fairytales, and let’s not forget about the parades too which really come to life at night before the parks close.


2012-06-24 15.58.31 glow

Country: Part of the Spanish Canary Islands of the coast of North-west Africa.

Reasons to visit: Lanzerote, like the rest of the Canary Islands, is a volcanic island which is a very popular holiday destination. Because of the volcanic mountains and rock, the countryside of this island makes for some very interesting viewing; there are many caves and mountains to visit and do day trips to which are naturally beautiful and awe inspiring. The Canary Islands are famous for their aloe vera, which grows naturally in the countryside because of the fertile volcanic soils; aloe vera has excellent healing properties and is the perfect remedy for sunburnt skin (which hopefully you would avoid). Along side the market stands that over flow with aloe vera plants, leaves and gel, there are also lots of aloe vera skincare and cosmetics products available in the different shops on the island. Lanzerote has a huge British community, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to make night life interesting. If you’re not looking for the traditional hotel resort style holiday, try looking for villa resorts outside the main towns for something a little more chilled and private.

New York

Country: USA

Reasons to visit: New York in the Summer is amazing, hot and humid, but amazing. There is some much to do and see here, from Time Square to Central Park, from Broadway to the Empire State Building. Once again, if you’re planning to travel here organisation and planning are key if you want to fit in everything; while transport links around the city are excellent, this is a busy place and if you really want to enjoy it you need to give yourself time to take it all in. New York is a shopping destination dream holiday, there is everything from thirft shops to designer, so no matter what your budget you’ll still end up wishing you had brought another suitcase with you.

Miami & Key West

Country: Florida, USA

Reasons to visit: Miami is the perfect balance of beach and city, with it’s gorgeous coast line and celebrity houses, you feel like you’ve walked onto the set of a movie. When we were in Miami a few years ago we took a roadtrip down to Key West, the Southern most point in Florida; Key West is actually an island which is connected to the main land via the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world! It is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit if you are up for the drive.


Country: Ireland (Éire)

Reasons to visit: Ireland is not exactly a sun holiday destination, but being the country from where I hail I can’t but help being a little bias towards it’s beauty and value as a travel destination. In my opinion, this little island is one of the most beautiful places  in the world, and no where can compare to it in regards to countryside, you don’t have to wonder for too long why we call it the Emerald Isle. There are so many naturally stunning places to visit such as the Cliffs of Moher, Caher, and the many hills and mountain ranges. If you want to experience a bit Irish tradition and Gaelige, then Kerry should be on your to do list; however if you want a city getaway steeped in history, culture and good night life, then there is no other place than Dublin.