Being a blogger is not something that is just isolated to sitting at a desk behind a laptop or a camera, in fact, as someone who struggles with being socially awkward, blogging has made me more social than ever before. Blogging is all about networking with fellow bloggers and brands, travelling to create interesting content and learning from others in the industry. Over the past few months I have been lucky enough to start working with some really amazing brands and companies, and have some great content in the pipe work for the coming weeks and months; building these connections has made me realise that I need to get out there and attend more Blogger events, to socialise, network and get La Bella seen, heard and recognised. Living in London means I am lucky to be at the centre of a blogging hub, with many event companies putting on little get-togethers and events for Bloggers in the UK. Last Saturday I attended one such event, hosted by the wonderful The Bloggers Hangout

#SummerHangout was held in the intimate Strand Gallery, walking distance from Charing Cross. The Gallery was packed with cute companies and brands sharing their products. Here are some of my favourite from the event that I think are worth checking out…

Sass & Belle


Sass & Belle is a gorgeous gift website that stocks the cutest, kitchy products and gifts. I adored their stand at the event and was over whelmed by their generosity in their gift bag which was full with cute little gifts, my personal favourite being the pineapple glass and this passport cover from their website! If your looking for a unique birthday gift, or end of term gift for a teacher, this website is perfect for items that are as unique as the individual to whom they are being given!



This is probably the product that I am most excited about sharing with you; Regenerate is a toothpaste and dental treatment that is scientifically designed to regenerate your enamel. There is no other product like it on the market right now, and I am really excited to try it out myself to see if it really is as good as it sounds. I did my first treatment last night and it was really easy to do; I simply brushed with the Regenerate toothpaste, and then applied the gel treatment in the mouth tray for three minutes, and finally finished by brushing my teeth again. It took about five minutes in total, and so with continued use of the toothpaste, and a three day treatment with the gel once a month, I hope to see good results… I will keep you posted.


Pink Parcel


Pink Parcel is a subscription box with a difference and a super girly twist; Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box dedicated to your monthly cycle! With everything you need to help you survive that time of month from sweet treats, to beauty treatments as well as a supply of tampons for your handbag, Pink Parcel has got you covered. I think that this would be a great gift subscription for any young girls you know that have started their period, to welcome them to womanhood and to give them something to look forward too as they get used to mother natures monthly visit.





T-tox is a brand that specialises in high grade matcha; matcha is a green tea powder that has many health and fitness benefits such a boosting metabolism and aiding detoxification. T-tox is a little different in that not only is their matcha really high quality, but it’s also blended with herbs and spices, such as ginger or lavender, to create tasty unique matcha teas. Each tin contains about 30 servings (the ones photographed above are sample sizes) and can be dissolved in cold or hot water, coconut milk or even mixed in with icing sugar to create matcha cupcakes!

Dinki Belle


Last, but certainly not least, is a product that was, in the words of it’s creator, “born out of love”. Dinki Belle is the brain child of Nadia Theron, who after having a severe allergic reaction to nail polishes and gel/acrylic nails, developed a condition that caused her nails to separate from the nail bed. As she told me her story on Saturday I was inspired by her passion to create a product that was free of the harmful chemicals that no only reacted with her nails and skin, put damage ours everyday. Dinki Belle nail wraps can last up to 2 weeks, are easy to apply and free from chemicals. I absolutely love the story behind this brand, and the quality affordable product that has been the result of it.