The Female Boss Edit

When you’re working on something you’re very passionate about it goes without saying that the highs are very high, but that also means that the lows are rock bottom; staying motivated and inspired can be hard in the world we live, as there is so much competition out there. The world of blogging and vlogging is an over saturated industry at the moment, the accessibility of the internet and transparency of social media means that everyone is trying their hand at it. Considering that I am one of those ‘try my hand at it’, I find it frustrating the level of competition, but also the amount of people blogging for the sake of it; I put 110% into La Bella, nothing goes up unless I’m happy with it and so when I come across blogs with thousands of followers and half the effort that I’m putting in, I sometimes feel like packing it up and walking away from my laptop. However, I’m not one to give up on something that I am passionate about, and in times of struggle I turn to these female bosses for inspiration…

Susanne Jackson titleCreator of, Suzanne Jackson has collected many titles in the last six years. She created her blog as a distraction from her unfulfilling job back in July 2010, and since then has went from strength to strength making a mark for Irish women internationally in the blogging world. On top of running a successful blog, YouTube channel and being a best selling author, Suzanne also launched her own make-up line, SOSU Beauty,  with her contour palette being so in demand at the moment, it’s impossible to get your hands on one, with stocks continuously selling out online and in stores across Ireland.  Suzanne has shown that us Irish girls have something to say too when it comes to style and beauty, and that we can be a force to be reconed with when we put our minds to something. I am excited to see where Suzanne will take her business next.

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Teni Panosian titleTeni Panosian is currently my biggest role-model, I admire everything she does and having met her last year at BeautyCon, I can honestly say that she is such a lovely and genuine person. Creator of, Teni is like the big sister or best friend of blogging, the one you can turn to for down-to-earth, genuine advice on style, beauty and life. Having recently hit 1 million followers on her YouTube channel, Teni is one of those vloggers that shows there’s more to being a content creator than simply getting something out there; she puts so much into everything she uploads and her editing is to die for, it’s no wonder that brands like Dolce & Gabbana  and Maybelline are whisking her off around the world and queuing up to work with her. Teni is a no-frills kind of girl, she’s bluntly honest about life advice and while she doesn’t over share her whole life on the internet, she shares the things that matter; she is huge advocate of animal welfare and often shows herself and her partner feeding stray dogs while abroad and she regularly fosters dogs who are waiting for a forever home. Teni is a talented women who hasn’t let social media or the internet change who she is and who wants to set an example for young women.

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Chriselle Lim titleChriselle Lim is the ultimate #girlboss, with a blog, YouTube channel and a baby she is proof that you can do it all if you have the determination. Creator of, Chriselle is ultimate style goals; she is the one-stop-shop for what’s trending and how to wear it, the Vogue of the blogging and vlogging world. Between traveling to fashion events around the world, running her business and her family this one has got balancing off to a tee and she’s not afraid to let you in on her secrets, be that her breakfast-in-a-cup smoothies or face masks on the move. She’s also not afraid to share the challenges of a busy lifestyle, like fitting in a workout or trying to eat healthy under time constraints; Chriselle may make it look easy but shares the truth about how much work and determination it takes to make it in the fashion industry.

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Zoe Sugg titleWith over 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, two best-selling novels and her own beauty range, Zoe Sugg is, for many, the leader of team internet. It all started with, and since then Zoe has been proving to the world that there is more to her than just a great personality; this girl has her head screwed on tight and is taking her business onwards and upwards, setting the pace for the rest of us. From her Primark Style Hauls, to her mouth watering baking tutorials, Zoe’s endearing manner keeps viewers of all ages coming back for more. But it’s not all polka-dots and puppies, Zoe is setting the bar when it comes to speaking openly about mental illnesses, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and proving that you can overcome your internal struggles as you climb to the top.

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