Regenerate Your Smile


Earlier in the week I talked about the benefits of eating fresh fruit; starting your day off the fruit gives you fast releasing energy from the easily digestible carbohydrates present in fruits (read more here). However, many fruits are high acid foods, which means while they’re good for digestion they’re not your teeth’s best friends! Enamel erosion is more common today than ever before because we are consuming more high acid foods, such as juices and smoothies; add to that staining caused by coffee and smoking and what you end up with is discoloured over sensitive teeth. Enamel cannot naturally repair itself, which means once the damage is done you end up with a hefty dentist’s bill. There are many toothpastes and products available that boast enamel protection and tooth whitening, but how much of this is actually weakening your enamel even more?…


Enter Regenerate Enamel Science! The only toothpaste and product on the market at the moment that actually works to rebuild and regenerate (hence the name) your enamel.

I was introduced to this product last month at Bloggers Summer Hangout and have been using it daily since; the kit I received included the Advanced Toothpaste* and the Boosting Serum Kit*. In the past month I have done 2 sets of treatments using the Boosting Serum (once a day, for 3days, once a month) and used the Advanced Toothpaste in place of my regular toothpaste daily.


The results have been really impressive; after my first set of treatments using the Boosting Serum I noticed an immediate reduction in sensitivity. I have also noticed that my teeth look whiter and less ‘glassy’ the more I use the toothpaste. I do feel that the effect the serum treatment began to wear off near the end of the month, but as soon as I completed my second set of 3 days, my teeth felt strong and less sensitive again.

I think what makes this product interesting and unique is the science behind what it does; it is not a product designed to be a quick fix or with the specific intent of whitening, but instead is focused on reversing the effects of enamel erosion, therefore strengthening your teeth against further damage. It is an affordable product with the toothpaste retailing at only £10 and the serum kit at £30. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers with sensitivity, yellowing or enamel erosion.



*These products were provided by Regenerate Enamel Science; this is not a paid product placement. All opinions expressed are my own.