Gintonica | 5 Reasons to Visit Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour.

If you didn’t already see my write up of Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour on 5thingstodotoday earlier this week, here it is again just in time for the weekend!


There is nothing more british than a good G&T, except for perhaps actual tea; Mr. Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Parlour is like a time capsule of Victorian London, where Gin is so highly valued it has it’s own encyclopedia of sorts, the Gintonica. Mr. Fogg’s Gintonica has a selection of over 150 different gins, not the largest in London, but certainly the most finely curted collection; with gins from all over the world, to suit every taste and palate there is something for everyone, from the gin connoisseur to the novice. As well as an amazing selection of gins, Mr. Fogg’s now offers a new gin cocktail menu, with drinks that are just as quirky as the setting in which they are served. If I haven’t already convinced you, here are five reasons you should visit Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour today…



One: Gin Cocktail Menu.

Mr. Fogg’s NEW gin cocktail menu is perfect, if like me, you are new to gin. The menu offers a good range of cocktails to suit all tastes, bitter, fruity and sweet. All the cocktails are prepared with precision and expertise, and beautifully presented. My favourite of the evening was the Genrietta, a fruity cocktail with a blend of raspberry and gin, served with fresh mint.  


Two: The Gintonica.

If you love gin and are kind of person who likes to try something different, then Mr. Fogg’s Gintonica, a menu of over 150 different gins, is perfect for you. The gins are sourced from all over the world, as well as locally and it includes a selection of fine vintage gins. The menu is divided into sections by taste to make it easier for you to select which gin you fancy; from London Drys to Fruity & Florals, there is something on this menu to appeal to everyone and it’s well designed layout makes it so easy to find what you want, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.


Three: The Staff.

From the period costume to their commitment and passion for gin, the staff at Mr. Fogg’s make sure that your visit is worthwhile. Everyone working there has a deep knowledge of the drink and are on hand to offer advice about which drink is the perfect one for you; tell them your tastes and how you’re feeling and they’ll name you a gin.



Four: Gin Safari.

If you’re really interested in developing a knowledge and taste for gin, Mr. Fogg’s offers a gin Safari, an experience that not only gives you the opportunity to sample their different gins, but that takes you through the history of gin and its deep roots in british and London culture.


Five: The Venue.

Stepping into Mr. Fogg’s is like stepping back in time to Victorian London; the decor is splendid and the attention to detail is commendable. From the beautiful loveseats and settees, to the antique lamps and decorations, and let’s not forget the period costumes, Mr. Fogg’s has left no stone unturned. The gin rooms would be perfect for a themed party or event, or for anyone who appreciates the finery of Victorian London.