Airport Essentials


Today I am flying home to Ireland for a family wedding and a little holiday with Giovanni, so I thought I would share some of my airport essentials and flight tips and tricks with you. I travel quite a bit over and back to family in Ireland and Italy, and so in the last few years I have got my airport and flight routine down to a tee; the most important thing for me when I’m travelling is to optimise my time as best I can and not let those hours and minutes sitting in taxis/buses/planes go wasted. Here are my in-flight beauty tips & tricks to help you arrive to your destination relaxed and rejuvenated.


Time to Take-Off…

As your flight takes-off, your make-up should come off! During your flight is the perfect time to give your skin some TLC; when else during our busy lifestyles to we find ourselves confined to a seat for 1 hour or more, with no phone responsibilities? As soon my flight is in the air I start by taking off my make-up and cleansing my face with wipes, no one likes arriving at their destination with make-up that looks like you wore it to bed.

The air in aeroplanes, plus the stresses and strains of travel in general, can cause your skin to becomes dehydrated and dry, so this is the perfect time to apply a hydrating treatment and allow it to sit and soak into your skin for 15-20 mins. You could apply a facial oil or a thick layer of your favourite moisturiser and then remove them with another wipe, or you could apply a sheet mask which are perfect for travel and can be thrown away when you’re finished.

After you’re finished re-hydrating your skin, it’s time apply a heavy duty moisturiser or serum. Dr. Paw Paw’s Original Clear Balm is perfect for travel as it is small and is a multipurpose product; use it as a moisturiser, a hand-cream, to shape your brows, to add highlight and even mix it with blush to make a tinted lip colour. Finish off your mini facial with a mist of REN Skincare’s Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist, to protect your skin from all the nasty chemicals and germs in the air, and a few eye drops to make you feel and look refreshed; I never travel without eye-drops, they help me look and feel awake and stop my eyes feeling dried out from the plane.

Next step is tidying your tresses; I never leave home without my mini Tangle Teezer, and near the end of my flight I pop to the loo to brush through my hair. I normally put my hair up, if I haven’t already been wearing it up, as this another simple way make yourself feel awake and refreshed. Living Proof’s mini dry shampoo is the perfect size for your travel bag and will help freshen up your hair if it’s a bit on the greasy side; finish off your look with their humidity spray to tidy away stray hairs and to prevent humidity induced frizz.. a must if you’re travelling to Ireland!


Prepare for Landing…

Now that you’re pampered and feeling refreshed, it’s time to prepare yourself for arrival! When I am meeting family upon arrival, I like to tidy my face and add a bit of make-up; no one wants to greet their family after months of separation looking washing out and drained. With that said, I also don’t like heavy make-up when travelling, especially after my in-flight facial; a good tip is to mix a drop of your foundation with your moisturiser, for light hydrating coverage. This time round when I travel I’ll be using the Deborah Mitchell BeeBee cream in the shade English Rose; it’s easy to apply, you don’t even need a brush or beauty blender, just apply it with your finger-tips, perfect for the plane!

If you’re looking a but tired brighten your under eyes with a bit of concealer; the Maybelline FitME concealer is my favourite, it blends well, has excellent coverage and instantly brightens. Another good way to make yourself appear less tired is to add a subtle touch of blush to the cheeks; adding colour back onto your face will instantly make you look less washed out and more awake.

If I’m travelling early in the day and know that I’m probably going to stop for lunch or dinner with the family on the way home from the airport, I add a thin line of eyeliner to my top lash line before applying some mascara. Benefit Roller Lash is perfect for travel as it gives a great lift to your lashes without an eyelash curler, and it holds that curl. Finally, if you want to add a pop of colour, go for the lips; this pretty pink lipstick by New CID Cosmetics is perfect for travel, it has a mini mirror on the cap and a built in LED light to help you apply perfect lips in bad lighting.

Voila! When your plane hits the tarmac, you’ll be ready to go!

Products Featured:

Iroha Hydrating Sheet Face Mask | Pure Sensitive Facial Cleansing Wipes (these ones from Superdrug are also a personal favourite) | REN Skincare Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist | Dr. Paw Paw Original Clear Balm | Living Proof Dry Shampoo and Humidity Shield | Murine Bright & Moist Eye Drops | Passport Cover | Ted Baker Compact Mirror (similar here) | Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Set | New CID Cosmetics I-Pout Lipstick | Jo Malone EDP Red Roses | Heaven by Deborah Mitchell BeeBee Cream | Maybelline Master Precise Liner and FitME Concealer | Benefit Roller Lash