Hydrate Your Face!

Water is the skin’s elixir of youth and the most essential anti-ageing ingredient.

-REN Skincare Press Release, July 2016


Last month I received a very exciting press release from REN Skincare; just like all of REN’s products the concept behind this new emulsion is founded in science, this time it’s all about the power of water. Water makes up, on average, 55-60% of an adult human body and therefore is a key component in the make up of cells; with that said, the beauty benefits and powers of water are so often underestimated and so many people don’t drink enough water everyday. It’s recommended that we drink about 2L of water throughout the day. So many people complain about finding this difficult to do, but the effects of being properly hydrated are worth the so called ‘effort’; drinking water is the best way to detox and flush out the body, it helps brighten your complexion and prevent breakouts, it aids digestion and cell repair and is far more effective at reducing tiredness than a cup of coffee.


Introducing Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion*…

It seems that the people in the REN skincare labs are no stranger to the beauty benefits of water however, and their newest creation is designed to increase hydration to the skin and lock it in for maximum effect.

A water-charging hydration booster designed to work in harmony with the skin, to prevent the ageing effects of dehydration by enhancing the skin’s ability to transfer, lock and retain moisture. Long term use helps to reduce fine lines and prevent water loss from the skin. 

My first impression of this emulsion was that it smelt amazing! It is light-weight and easy to apply; simply apply to dry, cleansed skin then wet your fingertips and massage the water into the skin until completely absorbed. I don’t have many fine lines on my face apart from my forehead, but I have definitely noticed the skin tightening in this area after I apply the emulsion, and so I imagine that for women with more fine lines this product would be quite effective. The biggest effect I have noticed however, is the almost instant reduction of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes; one of the reasons for dark circles is dehydration and the fact that they pretty much vanish when I apply this in the morning says a lot about the hydro-boosting properties of the product.

Hyaluronic Acid boosts water in the cells to optimise levels, plumping the skin from within whilst Peptide allows the transport and circulation of water throughout the skin.

I have been using the Hydro-Boost emulsion as part of my morning routine, applying it immediately after I cleanse, before I apply my daily moisturiser (for more about what products I use as part of my daily skincare routine read here & here). I think that this emulsion is the perfect morning boost for dull and tired looking skin, it instantly lifts my complexion and wakes up my face; after applying my skin feels refreshed and energised, this is probably to do with the circulation boosting properties of the peptides. Because this is a water based product, it soaks right into the skin, I don’t feel as if I am adding a second moisturiser, nor does it leave any residue on my skin after it has soaked in.

I am a strong believer that you can never start ‘anti-ageing’ skincare too young, as long as you focus on feeding your skin the correct ingredients (read more here); rather than waiting until the problem is noticeable, keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun by using an SPF daily, prevents long-term damage from happening and therefore keeps your skin looking healthy and young for longer.

Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion will be available to buy in-store from September or online here; £34 (UK) / 45€ (EU) / $58 (US) – 40ml


Ways to get your 8 (glasses) a-day…

While Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion is working it’s magic on your face, don’t forget to hydrate, because keeping your skin clear, glowing and healthy starts from the inside out! Here are a few simple tips to help you get your RDI 2L of water (remember this should be slightly more in the Summer or hotter weather when you perspirate more)…

  1. Do the water bottle challenge; buy a 2L bottle of water and challenge yourself to finish it everyday for a week. You’ll soon realise that it’s not as difficult as you first anticipated and you’ll feel amazing by the end of the week; then keep going.
  2. Download an app; there are loads of apps designed to help you drink more water, they work by sending you little reminders throughout the day to drink water and allow you to log when you drink so that you can see when you’re coming up short.
  3. Infuse; adding fruit and herb infusions to your water will give it flavour and added vitamins and minerals, so extra bonus there. I normally add my fruit and herbs to a jug, fill it up with water and allow it to sit in the fridge for a few hours for the flavours to develop. My current favourites are strawberry & basil, mint & lemon and mixed frozen berries.
  4. Buy a filter jug; if you live in an area with particularly hard water and don’t want to be buying big bottles of water all the time in your shopping, invest in a filter jug which will help to take out the hardness and hence make the water taste much better.


*Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion sample was provided by REN skincare; all opinions express here are my own.