Introducing: Dr. PAWPAW


Last week I shared my airport essentials, and I in that post I featured the Dr. PawPaw original multipurpose soothing balm; I was introduced to Dr. PawPaw at the Big Blogger Expo last month, and instantly fell in love with both the concept behind the balms as well as the balms themselves. If you are a fan of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, a cult beauty favorite, then you are going to love these balms which are made from natural ingredients, are highly moisturising and very affordable.

Dr. PawPaw balms are made in Great Britain and use extracts from papaya, olive oil and aloe vera, to create a highly concentrated, multipurpose product; the original balm which is clear and fragrance free can be use as a lip balm, hand cream, moisturiser, highlighter, brow gel, as well as to seal split ends, treat bug bites and minor skin irritations and even to calm nappy rash if you have little ones (for more ideas on how to use Dr. PawPaw balms visit their website).

I love the simple ingredients in the Dr. PawPaw balms, and the fact that they are fragrance free; they are simple, easy to use, the perfect size for your hand bag and an all-round wonder product! I have a feeling that once the cold weather sets in, these balms are going to be part of my winter survival kit, the thick concentrated formula seems like it will be the perfect barrier against winter weather.

Dr. PawPaw is available at various retailers across Ireland & the UK, retailing at €8.99/£6.95. For list of stockist click here




Products for this post were provided by Dr. PawPaw; all views and opinions expressed are my own.