Back to School Skincare Routine | Clinique 3-Step


September is just around the corner, which means it’s that time of year again… back to school! Whether your starting a new school or college (major congratulations to my sister The Not So Plain Jayne for securing her place in DIT, studying Nutrition & Dietetics this September), or simply going back for a new term, one thing that you don’t want to be worrying about is your skin!

Clinique’s 3-Step takes skincare routine back to the basics, 3 simple steps that make getting clearer skin as easy as, well 1, 2, 3! The 3-step forms the base for the perfect skincare routine, which over time can be added to depending on your skin type and needs; but by following 3-Step as is, you will see clearer skin within 10 days!


Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap

Step one in any skincare routine should be cleansing, and Clinique’s 3-Step is no different, they’ve just simplified it a bit, the cleanser that is. The Liquid Facial Soap is a mild and gentle cleanser that has no alcohols, harsh chemicals or perfumes; it is clinically designed to clean your face, remove excess oils and residue dirt while balancing the PH of the skin. Some harsh cleansers can do more harm than good when you have sensitive skin, and upset the natural balance of your skins make-up resulting in more irritations and breakouts, that’s why simple is sometimes better.


Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

Discovering Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion was so exciting for me, for although it may look like a toner or astringent for closing the pores after cleansing, it’s not! It is in fact a very gentle exfoliator, clinically designed to lift and remove any dead skin cells that still remain after cleansing. I know when I think of an exfoliator, I think of a coarse, sandy cream designed to scrub off the top layer of skin, but when you have sensitive, irritated and even blemished skin, while you need to exfoliate to help keep it clear and healthy the last thing you want is to rub something harsh and abrasive into it. The Clarifying Lotion is the complete opposite of the traditional abrasive exfoliator, it is gentle and soothing and leaves the skin feeling fresh and ready for the moisturiser.


Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Now that your skin has been cleansed and the surface dead skin cells removed, it is ready for the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, a moisturiser designed to give all day hydration without any greasy residue. It’s silky formula soaks right into the skin and re-enforces the skin’s moisture barrier to help develop resilience to everyday stresses and strains. This moisturiser can also be used at night-time and will help the skin recover from the day, so that you wake up with glowing, hydrated skin.


One Step More: Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

It’s hard to decide what I’ve been more excited about adding to my skincare routine, the Clarifying Lotion or the wonder product that is the Clinical Clearing Gel! This little bottle really packs a punch; it can be used as an all-over face treatment to keep problematic skin clear and prevent breakouts, or it can be directly applied to blemishes using a q-tip to treat the problem at the source. This treatment literally takes breakouts down in a matter of hours, and if applied before bed, spots will be all but gone before morning. I was really panicked in the run into my cousins wedding when I started to get a few stress spots around my lips and chin, I applied this before getting on my flight to Ireland, and my spots were dried out before I stepped off the plane. The little bottle is the perfect size to keep in your bag and have on hand for when you feel a spot starting to come on, so you can kill it before it gets a chance to show it’s ugly head!

For the best prices pick up Clinique’s 3-Step in duty-free when you travel; the Clinique counter team will be on hand to give you advice about which kit is best for your skin type. 

You can also pick up 3-Step from any Clinique counter, or shop online here


Some of the products featured were provided by Estée Lauder Travel Retail; all views and opinions expressed are my own. For more information on 3-Step click here.