School Survival Tips

The last bank holiday weekend of the Summer has ended, and tomorrow is the last day of August, which means Fall is around the corner and back to school/college/uni time is upon us. I was reading through old blog posts from last year and wanted to re-post this School Survival Guide from last September, as I think that all the tips I shared here are still and always will be, really valid and applicable to anyone going back to school.

I know that back to school time creates a feeling in the pit of my stomach which is a mixture of excitement meets dread, and being prepared and organised always helps keeps my anxiety/jitters at bay. I hope you will find some useful tips here too…

La Bella

As we head into the third week of September the novelty begins to wear off the new stationary, the books begin to lose that new book smell and the realisation sets in that school is back in full swing! Whether you’re in secondary or high-school, college or uni, just staring or heading into your last year, I hope that I can pass on some advice from my personal experiences that will help the school year go smoother (unfortunately I can’t make it go faster!).

  1. Get Organised! School can be a stressful time, with so much study, homework, essays and projects, especially if you are in an exam year. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay organised so that the work load will never get on top of you. Most important thing you should own is a journal, so you can write down homework assignments/projects for each day…

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